Senior human services majors host HIV/AIDS awareness events

April 9, 2009

Jessica Dexheimer

April 8, 2009

Students from Dr. Cynthia Fair’s Human Services senior seminar course hosted an HIV/AIDS awareness event called ‘No Glove, No Love’ at West End Station bar in Elon, N.C. on Tuesday night.red_ribbon1

Members of the Elon University community paid a $3 cover charge to enter the event, and were given free condoms, flyers with information about safe sex, condom-shaped stickers emblazoned with the logo ‘Just Wear It’ and red ribbons to show support of the anti-HIV/AIDS movement.

The funds raised from the cover charge and all donations were donated to Alamance Cares, a local HIV/AIDS awareness organization.

Amy Gatto, a student from the human services class that organized the event, said that the total amount of money raised has not been counted, but they expected to make a large donation to Alamance Cares.

“The turn out was amazing,” she said. “We’re going to be able to make a much larger donation than we initially anticipated, which is great. We’re also really happy that we were able to educate Elon students about safe sex and not discriminating against people who do have HIV or AIDS.”

The human services class will also offer free HIV testing in Moseley Center today.

Update: More than 100 students were tested for HIV yesterday. All students were provided with information on how to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS.


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