Elon students generally environmentally aware; University promotes awareness through Earth Week events

April 17, 2009

Jessica Dexheimer

April 17, 2009

As Elon University continues to promote its green initiative, students are taking notice.

In an informal convenience poll of 132 Elon students, 90 percent said that they consider themselves to be environmentally aware. Sixty-four percent said that the university has played a major role in their level of environmental awareness.

“I’m a biology major, so obviously it’s a big issue in a lot of my coursework,” said senior Scott Russell. “I think other students are becoming more aware, especially when it comes to the small things like recycling and turning off the lights.” 

Freshman Britta Winans said that she often walks to class to save gas and she also recycles. She credits these practices to lessons learned from some of her Elon professors.

“Because of my global studies classes at Elon, I’ve realized that humans making more of an impact will ultimately impact our whole world for the better,” she said.

Junior Nicole Bonine echoed these sentiments. 

“I think that it’s important to sustain the habits of animals that have no voice in the destruction that we are causing,” she said. 

Actions for a greener future

The majority of students polled take some sort of action to protect the environment.

Of the 82 percent of students who said that they do make an effort to be greener, the majority (75 percent) said that they did so by recycling. An additional 48 percent said that they tried to save gas by walking more and taking fewer trips by car.

However, some students are less proactive in protecting the environment. The majority of students polled were not concerned with reducing their carbon footprint, and even fewer students took steps to conserve water.

Junior Justin Darby said that he only recycles “when it’s convenient” for him, and generally does so while on campus. Sophomore Alberto Rojas echoed these sentiments by saying that he recycles, but mostly recycles only plastic, although paper and metal recycling receptacles are available across campus.

This week, Elon will be celebrating Earth Day with a week-long series of events, including special meals in on-campus dining locations and a farmer’s market.

                  Steps that Elon students take to protect the environment

(from a random sample of 131 students)

(from a random sample of 131 students)


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  1. You did a professional job of getting good interviews and working the storytelling quotes together in an informative package. You can sharpen this up in a number of ways. First correct several obvious errors.

    No apostrophe in “its” in the lead. Remember that “it’s” is a contraction that stands for “it is.”

    You didn’t space between two sentences.

    Don’t capitalize the word “university” when it is not part of a full proper noun.

    AP Style dictates that when you start a sentence with a number, you should spell it out instead of using numerals.

    Also the headline on your chart is missing the “s” on the word “Steps.”

    You didn’t optimize on the headline. You should have a two-line headline or you should add a second deck with more information that makes this search-optimized. Interestingly enough, you never mentioned Earth Day or Elon’s Earth Week. The reason it is good to tie that in is to indicate timeliness of the survey and to add to the possible useful search keywords to draw people to the story.

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